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Uintah Basin Assistance Council

Our mission is to provide safe and affordable housing throughout the Uintah Basin.

*Be aware that we do not provide assisted living or emergency housing, all programs have a waiting list.


About Us

Uintah Basin Assistance Council is dedicated to serve the communities throughout the Uintah Basin area with their low to moderate income housing needs. This service is provided through the following organization objectives:
  • Ensure affordable, safe, appealing, and sanitary housing
  • Participants are aware of the different housing choices and the expansion of housing opportunities available
  • Consistently and thoroughly enforce housing quality standards
  • Acquire, manage, rent and maintain rental properties
  • Provide other assistance as the Board of Directors deem necessary to provide a better quality of housing to the residents of the Uintah Basin

Our Team

Ashleigh Lindquist

Executive Director

Ashleigh is the Executive Director of UBAC and has been with the organization since 2008.

Cassie McCormick

Cassie helps oversee the running of all our rental properties and has been with the organization since 2023

Ready to Apply?

If you are planning to apply for more than one property, you only need to fill out one application. If you are appling for Section 8 then you will need to fill out that application as well. PLEASE call with any questions regarding the application.